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We left our hearts in San Francisco 🖤

It's been a super hot minute since my last blog, but hey I'm back, AGAIN. I really hope I can keep this up, because we're still on distance learning for this school year, though we were given an option to head back to school already. So, yeah, mom-life. It's a challenging situation but it's doable, barely. LOL.

Anyway, we went on a short trip to San Francisco with my family about 2 week ago or so. It's an impromptu trip actually, but it was definitely one for the books! It was also Kaleb and Robyn's first time visiting their dad's second home (San Francisco).

It was purely family trip, we didn't even bother to meet up with our family and friends there because (a) Social distancing (b) It was a short trip, we really couldn't squeeze an hour or two for meet ups and (c) We want to make the most out of our trip, since it's the kids' first time being in there.

We left early on a Friday morning (5:30am), got to our first destination around 12:30pm. Our first stop was at a beach called Moss Beach, but we specifically came there for this amazing trail surrounded by tall trees on a cliff called Cypress Trail at J V Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. It's was a very short trail but it was breathtakingly amazing.

We went straight to the hotel after the trail and called it a day. We stayed at the La Quinta by Wyndham San Francisco (not an #ad), a few miles from the San Francisco Airport. My original plan was to book our hotel at downtown San Francisco, but the hotel parking fee was the deal breaker, hotels in that area charges $50-$60/night the parking fee itself, so nope! Our hotel was about 20-30 minutes away from downtown San Francisco, it wasn't that bad, because it's not L.A. (no traffic!!!).

On our second day we went to:

The Marina to get a better view of the Golden Gate Bridge and thank goodness, the weather was perfect that day, the bridge was 100% visible.


The Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop - The kids wanted some ice cream that day and I thought, why not bring them to the original Ghirardelli ice cream shop since it was just a few steps away from where were at. (Oh and mom wants some latte too)


Then went to Pier 39 for lunch, did a little bit of shopping, to see the sea lions and to show Kaleb the Alcatraz Island.


Oh! How could we say "pass" to the crookedest street in San Francisco A.K.A. Lombard Street. Being an acrophobia myself made me feel a bit anxious. Well, actually most of the "hilly" streets in SF made me anxious, HAHA! I made it out okay, so I guess I conquered my fear somehow.


I couldn't resist not stopping by the Alamo square. It was a bit crowded due to the amazing weather, everyone was out in the sun. The whole time we were there, the "everywhere you look" song kept playing in my head


We can't just visit San Francisco and not pass through (the Golden Gate Bridge) hello?!


We spent our 3rd and last day at The Walt Disney Museum, we went to see the World War II exhibition, it was the only part of the museum that was open during our visit. The exhibition was about Disney's contribution to our country during the WWII. We were so fascinated by the exhibit because my family and I are in to WWII, well at least my sister (Marynel), my dad, Kaleb and I.

Ticket costs $15 per adult, $5 for youth (6-17), ages 5 and under FREE!

Taking pictures aren't allowed in the main exhibit, btw.

You can view the Golden Gate Bridge from The Walt Disney Museum building. We're so lucky, the kids were able to see the Golden Gate Bridge, fog free.

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